Microsoft Community Tech Days in India

Posted on July 17, 2010


I was eager to learn, share & interact in the India specific Microsoft community tech days (CTD) and also know & learn about the software architecture related features in VisualStudio2010. First of all, I was pleasantly surprised by the availability of Silverlight plugin for Safari browser, for me to use on my new Macbook Pro !! No wonder Microsoft wants Silverlight to become as ubiquitous as Adobe Flash, but we need to wait & see how much widespread & successful Silverlight becomes in its adoption !!!

Currently, I am  mainly interested in features in VS2010 which are useful for an application/enterprise architect. So I got interested in M.Ravickumar’s Talk on Visual Studio 2010 – A True ALM. I could not listen to the talk completely because the live streaming of the presentations was problematic – as seen below:

M.Ravickumar’s Talk on VS2010

It took almost 5-7 mins to first connect & load to join the seesion and even after joining, the streaming video had to be restarted every now & then by pressing the stop button. I am not sure if it is the Silverlight application that is not properly tested or it is a load/capacity problem on the video streaming server – I doubt it is the latter !!  I could not gain much from this talk, but as he says, it is just the first episode of the ‘Mega serial’. I am expecting that his talks on future episodes will go deeper into the features of interest to an architect – some of which are already touched upon in Somasegar’s and Cameron Skinner’s blogs and this blog of software complexity.

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