Atlassian Dragons Quest in a Picture

Posted on October 22, 2009


While I was doing the Atlassian Dragon Quest challenge, I was wondering what makes it look such a complicated effort. Hence I made the diagram below – using Gliffy Confluence Plug-in – to get a better map of mainly the configuration steps:


This picture does not show the steps which are to do with:

  1. Creating the sample data – users, groups, projects, etc – required for getting the final JIRA dashboard.
  2. Also the configuration of the JIRA Dragons dashboard with the necessary gadgets.

Other steps can be broadly classified into the following types which are shown by different colors in the picture:

  1. Creation of configuration of the DB of the different products & their data sources. The SCM data source is also shown in same color but it is different from DB data source.
  2. Enabling Crowd authentication so that SSO is enabled for different products.
  3. Making Bamboo, Fisheye/Crucible and Confluence to trust JIRA and JIRA to trust these applications. More about these in a separate post – on OAuth and Trusted Application mechanisms.
  4. Installation & configuration of plug-ins. Fortunately most plug-ins are bundled with JIRA & other products except for Greenhopper. More about these in a separate post  where I will try to find out the product-to-product integrations enabled by these plug-ins.

I wish I had a picture like this when I started this quest, hope it helps others in doing it faster.

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